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HR Compliance & Best Practices

Employee Handbooks & Policy Development

An employee handbook is an essential tool for an employer for a variety of reasons.  It informs employees about directly relevant organizational policies, procedures, and practices which affect their employment, as well as communicating expected performance and standards of conduct.


A compliant employee handbook incorporating HR best practices can positively influence employee behavior and engagement.  Additionally, an employee handbook and the policies it contains are critically important tools to avoid liability in employee charges and lawsuits. 

Affirmative Action Plan Development

Organizations holding contracts or subcontracts with the federal government are generally required to maintain, and to annually update, written affirmative action plans (AAPs).   We have decades of experience in designing and crafting fully-compliant AAP's for contractor organizations in a wide variety of industries. 


In addition, we have extensive experience in assisting clients during AAP compliance reviews and audits by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP.) 

Employee Relations Advice & Counsel

Handling sensitive employee relations matters is a vitally important human resources area. We provide clients with competent, objective, and fully compliant non-legal advice regarding a variety of employee relations situations, including behavioral or performance issues, misconduct, disciplinary action, employment termination, and much more. 


Effectively handling employee relations activities is critical to protect the organization from potential employee charges.  And, done correctly, effective employee relations can lead to greater employee engagement and retention.

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