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Organizational Development

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Employee Opinion & Workplace Surveys

Confidential employee surveys assessing the attitudes and opinions of the client’s employee population are conducted and analyzed, allowing a client organization to respond to workplace dynamics in a positive way, ultimately leading to higher employee engagement and retention.

Other types of workplace surveys can also be confidentially administered for client organizations and management teams, including peer reviews, upward appraisals, board of director assessments, and more.

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360-Degree Performance Reviews

360-degree evaluations can be confidentially administered for client organizations, which includes soliciting feedback from a full circle of “customers” that interface with the individual manager/employee.


As part of this process, a formal report of the individual’s performance is developed that combines the vertical and horizontal input from managers, peers, subordinates, and others within the organization. The report provides an assessment of the individual’s performance so that meaningful and constructive feedback can take place.

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Employee & Candidate Profiles

Workplace and personality profiles and assessments can allow employers to evaluate the suitability and compatibility of an individual with the organization and the job he or she will be expected to perform, as well as providing resources and insight for team building, communication training, and management development.


HR Strategies of Texas offers valid and reputable workplace and personality assessments that may assist employers in a variety of key human resources efforts.

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